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Rob Jansen jansen at cs.umn.edu
Thu May 31 17:49:03 CDT 2012

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 11:51 AM, Peter Csiba <peter.csiba at csip.sk> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have recently heard about Shadow from the article "Shadow: Running Tor
in a Box for Accurate and Efficient Experimentation".
> After installing Shadow with Scallion on my Linux machine and running the
sample I started browsing for a How to guide, but with negative results.
> I just want to know if there is an easy (or any) way to "control" the
individual Tor clients and relays in the virtual network,
> for example to let Tor clients download files in a stated schedule or in
case of relays to deny path building.

So far this happens in an input XML file. In the example here:

The Scallion README gives examples of how to use this file. However, the
parameters inside this file are not currently well documented.

For controlling downloads, you'd be interested in the following:

<software id="client" plugin="scallion" time="3000" arguments="client 1024
102400 102400 ./client.torrc ./data/clientdata ~/.shadow/share/geoip client
single server.file 80 localhost 9000 10 /1MiB.urnd" />

This client starts at 3000 seconds into the simulation and downloads from
the server with the id "server.file" on port 80 using the Tor proxy running
on localhost port 9000. The file '1MiB.urnd' in the server's docroot is
downloaded 10 times.

Other modes are shown in the USAGE string in the source code here:

<node id="client.tor" cluster="net0" software="client"
cpufrequency="2800000" quantity="1" />

This creates a node to run the software as specified above.

> In general I seek a scripting (programming) language in which I could
control the individual nodes.

We are working towards this goal, but it is not functional yet. For now,
everything has to be specified in the XML before running the experiment.

> Thank you in advance,
> Peter Csiba.
> Commenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia.

I hope this helps!
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