[shadow-support] Invalid pointer errors

Mary Baca maryrbaca at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 11:43:32 CST 2014


I'm just getting started with Shadow, doing the tutorial, and am getting
some errors. I'm running it on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS. I'm just running
through the getting started examples and this happens:

~$ shadow --file > filetest.log
[2014-11-02 12:09:20.370540] shadow-wrapper: Use 'shadow --usage' to get
help for the Shadow wrapper script
[2014-11-02 12:09:20.370611] shadow-wrapper: set environmental variable:
[2014-11-02 12:09:20.370629] shadow-wrapper: set environmental variable:
[2014-11-02 12:09:20.370641] shadow-wrapper: running:
'/home/mary/.shadow/bin/shadow-bin --file'
*** Error in `/home/mary/.shadow/bin/shadow-bin': free(): invalid
pointer: 0x00007f989403c8a0 ***
[2014-11-02 12:10:05.556942] shadow-wrapper: run returned -6

But word count  (as in the tutorial) produces 10,000 things, as
expected, and the fileserver stats says there were 340000 bytes in and
1101230000 bytes out and 10000 replies. So, maybe it worked?

Also, doing the following produces a similar error:
~/Desktop/shadow-1.9.2/resource/examples/filetransfer$ shadow

After a bunch of output I get
00:00:00:000000 [thread-0] n/a [shadow-message] [n/a] [master_free]
Shadow v1.9.2 [build-date: 2014-10-18] shut down cleanly at 2014-11-02
*** Error in `/home/mary/.shadow/bin/shadow-bin': free(): invalid
pointer: 0x00007f72285a08a0 ***
[2014-11-02 12:15:27.642556] shadow-wrapper: run returned -6

I'm running one of the longer examples now, but am totally new to this
and not sure if these pointer errors are gonna throw stuff off. How can
I fix them, if necessary?


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