[shadow-support] Shadow-plugin-tor : TCP connections between exits and servers

Henri Crombé henri.crombe at student.uclouvain.be
Mon Feb 29 09:18:29 CST 2016

Dear community,

I have installed Shadow and its Tor plugin. I made a trivial Tor
simulation where there exists only 2 guard nodes, 2 exit nodes and a
tor-client downloading 10 MiB files from a fileserver. And I would
like to observe the traffic that flowed (bytes_rcvd/read) between the
exit node and the fileserver. To do so, I've been advised to look at
the STREAM and STREAM_BW events logged in the torctl file of the exit
node.  These events should appear in the exit logs when a client
starts a transfer from that node. However, when I run a simulation
(even the minimal-example), I am not able to find STREAM or STREAM_BW
events in the exit logs. The only reference to exit connections are
CONN_BW events that logs the bytes_read/written for a given connection
ID. Some CONN_BW events are of type exit (TYPE=EXIT), so I suppose
that's the event I am looking for. However, I cannot figure out which
peers are hidden under a given connection ID.

Therefore, my question is :
- Do I need to add arguments to the torctl plugin in order to log more
information about the exit connections/streams ?  knowing that i
already use these arguments for the tor-ctl :



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